Looking at eBays DSR (Detailed Seller Rating), part 2

written by Steve Grossberg, IMA President

Back in September 2007 I posted to this blog, a piece titled “Looking at eBay’s DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings), Click Here to Read Part 1.

Yesterday I did a podcast interview with Ina Steiner from AuctionBytes, Click Here to Listen To Interview Some of the points and more I am going to be talking about below are covered in the interview. I encourage everyone to listen to the interview.

Okay for starters ebay says 15% of sellers currently qualify for the 4.8 DSR bonus. My question is what percent of the ebay listings or GMV does that represent. This has yet to be answered by my best guess is somewhere less then 2%. Of the top 100 seller date as referenced in post 1, there is only 1 of the top 100 USA based sellers according to the Nortica 500 that has a 4.8 DSR is shipping and handling. There was another 19 who had 4.6 or better. Ebay stated over and over how 66% of sellers have a 4.6 or better but again what percent of listings and GMV is this? Certainly it is not 66%, so always do you own due diligence. As the old saying goes trust but confirm.

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eBay Fee Changes… Look At Your Own Numbers!

written by Steve Grossberg

Anyone who lowers shipping in my own opinion, is foolish. Look at your own economics. Remember if you obtain the 4.8 Detailed Seller Rating on all 4 you get back 15% of your FVF. Look at me for example.

Items listed 40,000
Items Sold = 8,000
ASP = $14

So $14 x 1.23 FVF x 8000 items = $9800 FVF paid

$9800 FVF paid x 15% discount = $1470

$1470 savings divided by 8000 items = 19 cents per item

So in essence I have to say to myself will a 19 cent reduction in my shipping and handling move my DSR from 4.4 to 4.8? The answer is hell no it will not. Even if it did the ebay discount is not guaranteed as it is a 30 day rolling average and some months I may get it and some not.

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eBay Changes in the Marketplace

Written by Cathy, Visibility Unlimited

I had the opportunity to go to eBays ecomm program and I want to thank those who were a part of my invitation. And like everyone else, waited patiently for the announcement and I knew my business had to adjust again if I wanted to continue to sell on eBay. As soon as ebay announced the changes that they were going to implement in the next few months, all negative emotions poured out with eBays top sellers. Thoughout the day and evening I listened and observed, the complaints that all sellers had. Speaking to over 50 businesses, only 1 (an IMA member) said the changes would not hurt him. His DSR was so good in shipping that he will receive the 15% rebate on his FVF and this covered his additional fees.

That afternoon there was a Q&A and you can hear the complete session here. Click here to watch video

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IMA Recognized as Reviewer in Internet Retailers Magazine

written by Lanae

Internet Retailers
Internet Retailer Magazine recognizes the Internet Merchants Association (IMA) to give reviews in their ‘9th Annual Recognition of Leading Retail Web Sites – Hot 100 Best Retail Web Sites.’

Alongside various retail and e-commerce consulting firms, IMA gave its reviews on a number of the Hot 100 websites. These ranged from technology to gift baskets, and hardware to housewares. Among the Hot 100 are Amazon and CafePress, both of which are quite familiar to many of our members.

Not only was it an honor for the IMA to contribute, but it can also be a learning tool for our members…each one of us could learn something from those that make up the Hot 100. As noted in the magazine it is about knowing your customers, utilizing new concepts, and creating great shopping experiences. Perhaps one day we will see some of our own members there.

The list can be found here… Internet Retailers

Finding eBay 2.0, Have you played in the playground?

Written by Steve Grossberg, IMA President

If you listened to the BSC/IMA conference call on eBay you would have heard us talk about finding 2.0 on ebay. This will be a huge change for buyers and sellers on eBay. Ebay is still doing a lot of A-B testing and now is the time for us to do our own testing and make some noise on the good and the bad we see so far.

If you have not tested this find 2.0 for your own items, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible. You can get to the ebay playground by clicking here.

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IMA’s annual business conference in Las Vegas features workshops and sessions from the experts in the industry and are designed to further increase your business, ecommerce and sales knowledge. The IMA Conference is in conjunction with the largest variety and general merchandise show in the country, ASD/AMD. The conference dates are 03/03/08 – 03/05/08 and our host hotel is Mandalay Bay. More information for the IMA Conference will be announced as it is released.

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