Miva Merchant


About Miva Merchant Ecommerce Solutions

Miva Merchant is a leading supplier of e-commerce software and services to small and medium-sized businesses. We provide online merchants, developers, web designers and web hosts with the information and technology needed to be successful in today’s online selling environment.

Miva Merchant propels business for tens of thousands of online merchants and developers on a network of hundreds of hosting partners and business portals. Miva Merchant hosting partners depend on the Miva Merchant Platform for its complete, reliable, expandable and easy-to-use e-commerce software and services.

The Miva Merchant Platform
Based on a cross platform virtual machine (running identically on Windows, Linux, BSD and Unix servers), the Miva Merchant product line ranges from Miva Merchant™, a point-and-click online store development and management system to Miva Script™, an XML-based server-side scripting language. This “best of both worlds” approach allows merchants to build their online store with nothing more than a web browser, and lets developers provide aftermarket enhancements for the online store.

Business and Marketing Services

Integrated into the Miva Merchant product line are services that help businesses market and position their online store, and collect money over the Internet. Once a buyer purchases a product, credit cards and online checks can be processed with Miva Merchant Payment™. Follow-up marketing can be done via email using Miva Merchant Mailer™, a service that automates unsubscribe functionality and mailing list management.

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