Why Join IMA?

Internet Merchants Association (IMA) is a nonprofit trade association for companies that are involved in internet commerce, regardless of business size. As internet sales increase at record breaking speed, the Association was founded to provide our members with a voice in the ever-changing world of ecommerce; to provide education for all levels of ecommerce businesses; and to exchange ideas so all members can benefit from the collective experience of our membership. IMA will advocate on behalf of our members of any important legislation that may come down the pike. We have the ear of numerous Wall Street analysts, numerous media sources and have direct connections to communicate with executives of huge e-commerce companies at the highest levels.

Membership includes access to IMA’s private forums – interact with other serious business owners who are willing and eager to exchange business ideas, discuss the latest trends, new legislation and answer your business questions. The forum also puts you in direct contact with representatives from large internet venues, such as Amazon, eBay, Google and more.

Trying to decide what service programs and platforms would work best for your business model? Not only will you be able to hear from members who have used or are using these services and platforms, you’ll hear from the service providers themselves.

IMA’s annual business conference in Las Vegas features workshops and sessions from the experts in the industry and are designed to further increase your business, ecommerce and sales knowledge. The IMA Conference is in conjunction with the largest variety and general merchandise show in the country, ASD/AMD. The conference dates are 03/03/08 – 03/05/08 and our host hotel is Mandalay Bay. More information for the IMA Conference will be announced as it is released.

Please feel free to ask any question you may have. :)