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Upcoming education for e-commerce sellers

IMA will once again be participating in the educational sessions at the ASD show in March. We are excited to welcome some new speakers and new business members! All sessions will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Here are the descriptions for our upcoming sessions:


Time Class Title Speaker Class Description
10:00 Amazon 101- An Introduction To Selling on Amazon.com Kat Simpson Have you been looking to start selling on Amazon.com? Kat Simpson breaks out how to get started selling on Amazon. From some of the basic rules of the platform, what sells well on Amazon, and the benefits of utilizing Amazon’s FBA program to increase conversions.
11:00 The Secret Sauce to Boosting Your Online Presence Mindy Weinstein Wondering how to get your website to show higher in Google search results? It takes the perfect mix of technology and psychology. In this session, Mindy Weinstein will teach you 5 powerful (but easy) tips to build a stronger online presence, get more traffic to your website and increase your sales
2:00 Staying In Your Lane: Ebay Can Still Make You Happy Jason T. Smith Do you wake up everyday with a smile? Jason T. Smith shares how he continues to be profitable and happy doing what he loves, selling on Ebay. Jason has been selling online since the late 90s. He shares how staying in your lane and doing what you love can be profitable and open doors you never would have expected. Discover what it takes to remain profitable as an eBay seller.
3:00 Show Me The Money: Finding and Analying Wholesale Sources for eCommerce Robyn Johnson Robyn Johnson will take you through how to find wholesale sources at a trade show and analying them to find the most profitable items. She will also cover her process for deciding to bring new items to the Amazon Marketplace.
4:00 Turn Content into Sales Mindy Weinstein Online shoppers use content to make purchase decisions. You must have the right content on your website and social networks to convert more casual searchers into actual customers and to build brand loyalty. In this session, Mindy Weinstein will show you how to reach your ideal customers, craft a compelling message and attract more sales.


Time Class Title Speaker Class Description
2:00 Crush Your Competition with Killer Keywords George Lawrence Whether you sell on Amazon, Ebay, or your eCommerce website having the right keywords is essential to be found by your customer. In this session, George Lawrence of Merchant Words will be talking about how to find the right keywords. Make sure that you bring the right buyers to your products to increase your conversion rates and sales.
3:00 Be Famous on Amazon – Understanding Amazon’s Search Jeff Cohen If you want to have sales on Amazon, you have to make sure that you are consistently found by the right customers on Amazon. We often forget that Amazon, like Google, is a search engine. In this session we will be covering the basics you need to know in order to make your listings convert better on Amazon. Understanding Amazon as a search engine and not just a shopping platform can increase your sales and profit margins.
4:00 Bringing New Items and Brands to Amazon and Your Website Robyn Johnson If you are a reseller or a brand owner trying to determine if and how you should bring an item to the Amazon marketplace, this class is for you. In this session we will be going over how to determine if there is a demand for a product. We will also be covering how to utilize the right keywords and Amazon’s search to successfully launch your product. Q and A to follow the session. Robyn shares how to find out which niches hold the riches in this session on identifying profitable niches in Ecommerce.


Time Class Title Speaker Class Description
10:00 Meet the Online Sellers – Experienced Amazon, eBay & Web Site Sellers John Lawson, Fred Neff, Kat Simpson, Robyn Johnson Whats better than learning from the experts? How about learning from four of them! With 45+ years of combined experience, these three ecommerce sellers are here to share their knowledge of online selling with you. Fred Neff, John Lawson, Kat Simpson and Robyn Johnson – are here to take your questions and talk about their experiences of selling online. They each have a unique perspective and different experiences this is a great opportunity to learn from those that have sold on various venues such as eBay, Amazon, ecommerce web sites….just to name a few. Bring your questions and your notebooks this panel is a great one for anyone that needs a helping hand with ecommerce selling.
11:00 Facebook Marketing and Advertising for eCommerce John Lawson> If you’re an eCommerce seller, online marketer, social media manager, or a business leader who wants to promote your company more effectively using Facebook as a tool, this workshop will help you take your Facebook marketing to the next level. And if you’re new to Facebook Marketing this is a fantastic starting point.We will be covering:

– Creating Your First Facebook Lead Magnet
– Reaching the precise audience with relevant, targeted ads
– Locating, observing and “spying” on competitors
– Generating Leads and Sales from Instagram using Facebook

2:00 10 Easy Steps to Launcing an Independent Website Brennan Heyde Have you been thinking about 2016 as the the year to launching your own eCommerce website? Brennan Heyde from Miva Merchant will be going over the 10 easy steps to launching an independent website. Before you invest the time and money into website development make sure that you know the key actions you need to take to make sure that your site generates income.
3:00 Harnessing the Power of Ebay – How to Use the Multi-Million Dollar Traffic Generator to Your Advantage Danni Ackerman eBay has over 60 million unique visitors per month making it a powerhouse traffic generator for eCommerce sales. In this discussion Danni, will show you how to use eBay as an acquisition tool for customers and what you need to know about building a brand that creates a long term repeat customer vs the hit and run sale.eBay is still the place to have a brand presence that can shut out the competition. Danni will show you the tools to tap into this revenue stream that allows you to have control of your business and make the money you desire.

You will learn:
How to build a following of customers who buy from you again and again
How to establish your space among all the competition out there
How to grow a business that you could sell for millions of dollars

4:00 Don’t Be A Prisoner To Your Inventory: Inventory Purchasing Strategies to Avoid Stale Inventory Danny Shaw In this talk, Danny Shaw will give advice on inventory organization and purchasing decisions to keep from tying capital into static inventory. Making smart inventory purchases can make or break a small business. Making sure that you control inventory turn rates is essential to keeping the liquidity in your business you need to scale and thrive. As we continue to see marketplaces change, it is becoming even more critical to be able to pivot to stay ahead of your competition. Danny will give you tips to avoid excess static inventory.

katsimpsonIMAasdKat Simpson


eCommerce pioneer Kathy “Kat” Simpson has more than 15 years experience in online merchandising, in addition to her expertise as a frequent speaker, author, broadcaster, educator and Social Media consultant. She is a Gold Level PowerSeller on eBay and Amazon, and has successfully sold on a half-dozen other online portals. Simpson is Founder & CEO of That Kat, Kat’s Boutique and Kat’s Kloset, and co-wrote (with Michael Rice) the “Introduction to Sales Tax for Amazon Sellers.” She has hosted numerous webinars and offers robust presence across social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, in addition to her website That Kat (thatkat.com). Simpson also hosts an online talk show on her That Kat Radio.com, and has workshops at the Kansas Jubilee and been a featured speaker at SCOE in Seattle. As a Consultant & Speaker, Simpson is well versed as an early eCommerce innovator to train both individuals and businesses to optimally use the Internet and social media tools, in helping them clearly identify and spread the message about their product-based businesses.


MindyIMAASDMindy Weinstein


Mindy Weinstein is a digital marketing strategist, national speaker, trainer and published author. She has taught SEO and social media to companies of all sizes—from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Mindy knows what it takes to catapult your brand online and will help you transform your business.


Mindy co-authored The Marketing Avengers and Rich and Thin: Slim Down, Shrink Debt, Turn Calories Into Cash (McGraw Hill). She is a contributor to SearchEngineJournal.com and co-host of SEM Synergy, which airs on WebmasterRadio.FM. Mindy has been interviewed on Fox, NBC and ABC. She has also been quoted as an expert in The Huffington Post, The Washington Post and The Arizona Republic and featured on KTAR 92.3 FM and Bloomberg Radio.


Jason T. Smith

Jason T. Smith has been thrifting his entire life and turned his passion into a full time career. Thrifting has opened the doors to speak all over the country, lobby Congress (twice), a TV show on the Spike network – Thrift Hunters and a new online show with his friend Nadene – Thrifty Business With Jay & Nay. Jason runs the all the new FB group The Thrifting Board. If you are having a tough time navigating the rough seas of eCommerce, Jason and his lifeguards will help rescue you. You can find Jason leading thrifting classes all over the country or at a tiki bar drinking a fine rum cocktail.


Robyn Johnson

Robyn Johnson


Robyn Johnson started with only $100 and in less than four years built a seven-figure eCommerce business. Starting with buying and selling items at garage sales and moving to Ebay, Amazon, and her own websites she has grown a flourishing business. Robyn has quickly become an expert in the e-commerce field. Robyn has been heralded as one of the country’s foremost leaders on the topic of selling and marketing products on Amazon.com. She now works with brands looking to bring their items to the marketplace and manage their presence on Amazon.com.

She has authored an Amazon best-selling book, “The Unlikely Entrepreneur: How I Transformed $100 into a seven-figure business.” Additionally, Robyn has a popular podcast, “The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show with Robyn Johnson.” She speaks on stages across the country about eCommerce, scaling your business, overcoming fear, utilizing virtual assistants and more.

You can find out more about Robyn at BestFromTheNest.com.


george-lawrence-IMA-ASDGeorge Lawrence


George Lawrence is the founder of MerchantWords. He loves helping merchants discover what online buyers are searching for. Knowing the exact search terms buyers are using when they shop on Amazon is critical to success as an Amazon seller. By leveraging these keyword insights, sellers can connect with more buyers. He has helped thousands of Amazon merchants turn struggling products into best sellers by making simple adjustments to the search terms of their listings. George lives in Los Angeles and loves doing fun stuff with his family like Disneyland, scuba diving, skiing, watching hockey (Go Kings!).


JeffCohenJeff Cohen


Jeff Cohen is the Director of Business Development at Seller Labs, a SaaS company, which has developed the popular Feedback Genius application and product marketing platform Snagshout.com. As a 14-year-veteran of e-commerce, Cohen has managed the retail websiteTextbooks.com, PlasticSurgeon.com and Campusbooks.com. Seller Labs’s philosophy of “Be Famous On Amazon” has created a culture that is built on three pillars: awesome technology, amazing customer service and quality content. Founded in 2013, Seller Labs was built out of homegrown technology, which was use to manage a multi-million dollar Amazon business selling books, CDs, DVDs, sporting goods and electronics. In 2015, Seller Labs clients did over 2.2 billion in eCommerce sales.


JohnLawsonIMA-ASDJohn Lawson


John is the CEO at ColderICE Media, Amazon #1 best-selling author, IBM Futurist and Ebay Influencer. He is celebrated as one of the Top 100 Small Business Influencers in America and crowned “Savviest in Social Medial” by StartUp Nation.


Lawson is an international keynote speaker, “Commerce evangelist” and an absolute wealth of knowledge on all things eRetail and online marketing strategy. John is a pioneer in the online retail verticle and founder of The Ecommerce Group, a global community of commerce vendors and marketers.



Fred Neff

Fred Neff, the President of Apex Tool Company, took a struggling family business from a 1 car garage and grew it into a multimillion dollar diesel tool industry leader. This was accomplished by working with strategic suppliers, tool development and multiple government contracts. He has experience in wholesale, private label, manufacturing, Brick & Mortar retail and cash flow management.

Fred has been featured in interviews in the Wall Street Journal, Professional Tools and Equipment, Newsweek as well as many smaller newspapers and trade publications. He has significant community service experience and volunteers with several non-profit service organizations. Fred is a founding member of the Internet Merchants Association as well as the organization’s long time serving president and board member.



Brennan Heyde


Brennan’s background is in Computer Science and he previously worked as the Technical Director of the Professional Services Department for the past 6 years at Miva. He has extensive experience in eCommerce, both front end and back end web development including integrating Miva Merchant with 3rd party fulfillment and ERP systems. In his current role, he works closely with Miva Merchant’s 3rd party developers supporting their existing needs as well as helping grow the future Miva Merchant developer ecosystem.


Danni Ackerman


Danni Ackerman is known as “The Danni App” due to her ability to throw away the smart phone and know what her customers will pay for “stuff”.

She has built multiple six figure businesses including one that caused the Fortune 500 company, Avon, to change their policy!

Danni is known for taking the hard stuff and making it not only easy to understand but easy to implement and use to grow your business. She is the author of Buying at Auction Houses for Fun and Profits, Storage Lockers for Fun and Profits, The Ultimate Guide to Savings by Store and is working on her latest book “Rebellious Profits”.

She is the host of the Niche to Profit Show featured on the Vegas Video Network line up each week.

Her mission is to help people become more profitable and have fun doing it!

@TheDanniApp www.NichetoSuccess.com



Danny Shaw


Danny Shaw is the Director of Business Development at SkuVault, and has been involved in the eCommerce industry for 8 years. He has 10 years of experience in inventory, sourcing, and warehousing, and has a passion for increasing efficiency for eCommerce businesses, manufacturers, wholesalers, and brick & mortar retailers.