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Upcoming education for e-commerce sellers

IMA will once again be participating in the educational sessions at the ASD show in March. We are excited to welcome some new speakers and new business members!

We will also be hosting a hospitality suite that is completely free.  Join us at the BELLAGIO hotel from 7-11pm Sunday and Monday nights.  Room Number will be posted in the IMA Facebook Group.  A light dinner will be served one Monday night courtesy of Best From The Nest and Merchant Words.

All sessions will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in room N245. Here are the descriptions for our upcoming sessions:

Time Speaker Session Title Session Description
10:00 Travis Ross Amazon 101: Getting Started on the Amazon Marketplace Have you been looking to start selling on Amazon.com? Travis breaks out how to get started selling on Amazon. From some of the basic rules of the platform, what sells well on Amazon, and the benefits of utilizing Amazon’s FBA program to increase conversions.
11:00 Robyn and Eddie Wholesale 101: Buying Wholesale for Amazon.com Robyn Johnson  and Eddie Levine will take you through 2 different methods of how to find wholesale sources at a trade show and analying them to find the most profitable items.  We will be covering how to approach vendors, industry vocabulary, and how to overcome the “Do you sell on Amazon?” question.
1:00 Jennifer Dunn How Not to Lose Sleep Over Sales Tax When it comes to sales tax compliance, getting started is the hardest part. Jennifer Dunn from TaxJar will walk you through untangling and mastering this administrative hassle. Learn the 5 steps to sales tax compliance and finally feel confident about sales tax!
2:00 Jason Smith Virtual Assistants Are Great, But What Happens When Your Dog Needs To Pee? Virtual assistants are great, but what happens when your dog has to go the bathroom and you’re not home? Having an actual, in person assistant has more benefits than getting just your ecommerce business work done. Tips, tricks and what to look for when hiring at “in home” assistant. Also, what to do with them after you’ve you’ve hired them.
3:00 Eddie Levine Building the backbone of a multi-million dollar wholesale business Eddie Levine is the co-founder of Wholesale Breakthrough. In this session, he will take you through some of the challenges and methods he’s used to build out a multi-million dollar eCommerce wholesale business, while navigating some of the most recent challenges and roadblocks that many sellers in the community have found challenging.
4:00 Kim Wren Getting your inventory organized & keeping it that way In this session we will explore how to layout a space (garage/basement/warehouse) for your inventory that has optimal workflow. We will also cover locations (pick, overstock, reserve), managing multiple warehouses, best practices, & multiple marketplaces for single inventory.
10:00 Andy Slamans & Liran Hirschkorn Building a 7 figure brand on Amazon in 12 months or less In this session Andy and Liran will discuss the fundamentals to success on Amazon – Picking a product, launching a product, and creating consistent sales over time on the world’s most powerful ecommerce platform.
11:00 Bryan Bowman AMS: How to effectively leverage the most powerful traffic tool on
Amazon that nobody is talking about.
Amazon Marketing Systems is a tool that many are finding incredibly powerful for cost effective conversions on Amazon.com.  AMS is only available via Amazon Vendor Central or Vendor Express, however, it is a tool that is helping many brands greatly increase their gross revenues without large increases to their marketing budgets.
1:00 Jeff Cohen Building a brand on Amazon: How You Can Win! Jeff Cohen is going to be talking about the necessary knowledge you need to build a profitable and sustainable brand on Amazon.
2:00 George Lawrence Understanding Your Global Audience
3:00 Robyn Johnson Systems to Scale: Automating and Outsourcing In Your Ecomerce Business During this session Robyn Johnson, from Best From The Nest Coaching and Consulting, will share 5 tasks she automated and outsourced in her business to allow her to scale quickly and more profitably.   She will also be sharing some of the process she uses to hire, train, and maintain the relationships with virtual contractors.
4:00 Cynthia Stine Amazon Account Suspension: Why Good Sellers Get Shut Down Many suppliers at ASD do not pass Amazon’s authenticity test – make sure yours do. Amazon sellers often mistakenly think that account suspensions happen to sellers who are “bad” or breaking the rules – never realizing that they are in danger themselves. This presentation tells sellers how to protect themselves from suspensions and how to make sure that their goods are authentic according to Amazon’s rules
10:00 Peter Kearns Amazon Leadership Principles: How to Grow Your Business The Amazon Way There are a lot of ways to grow your Amazon business: new categories, new marketplaces, new products, new initiatives, etc.. But how do you know which one is right for your business? During his talk, Peter Kearns will help sellers understand Amazon’s Leadership Principles and how sellers can use them to help better understand their business and increase sales.
11:00 John Lawson The Paid Advertising Sales Funnel Every day organic reach continues to drop. Stats show Facebook Pages have experienced a 52-percent decline in organic reach. Now the question becomes, how do you maximize the effort of your content? What’s becoming clear is methods publishers are creating to adapt it. That is what this session is here to help you get a handle on.In the session, you’ll learn:
What you need to be spending 80% of your time on
What a great sales funnel really looks like
How to amplify your content marketing efforts using Facebook
Sales automation tips
A super easy lead generation method to increase your traffic
1:00 Panel – Robyn, Eddie, Barbara,  John, Kristen  Meet the Online Sellers – Experienced Amazon, eBay & Web Site Sellers Whats better than learning from the experts? How about learning from four of them! With 45+ years of combined experience, these ecommerce sellers & industry experts are here to share their knowledge of online selling with you. Robyn, Eddie, Barbara, John & Kristen – are here to take your questions and talk about their experiences of selling online. They each have a unique perspective and different experiences this is a great opportunity to learn from those that have sold on various venues such as eBay, Amazon, ecommerce web sites….just to name a few. Bring your questions and your notebooks this panel is a great one for anyone that needs a helping hand with ecommerce selling
2:00 Jenny Halasz SEO & Analytics for eCommerce Take your SEO efforts, whether agency or in-house, to the next level. Learn what really matters to you in the new age of the mobile-first index, how to audit your team’s work for maximum effectiveness, and make adjustments and improvements to continue building on SEO success. Wrap it up with a primer of effectively tracking ecommerce and learn how to show success in individual channels.
3:00 Barbara Boschen An overview of how Jet.com works and how it is different from Amazon and other marketplaces. We all know its important to diversify to other marketplaces and Jet.com offers a unique selling proposition. Join me to learn more about this up and coming marketplace, its approach to ecommerce and how you can participate.
4:00 Mark Haagan Optimize Your Checkout for Millennials The online shopping landscape has changed. Millennials represent more than 70 million potential shoppers and buy more than half of their purchases online.  In this session you will learn some easy changes you can make today to increase your conversion rate for this massive group of shoppers. We will cover loyalty programs, mobile-friendly design, preferred contact methods, review collection, social sharing and more.
5:00 Sean Smith 3 Tips About Amazon PPC You Can’t Afford To Miss I will share the 3 top Amazon PPC insights and tactics I’ve learned through hundreds of hours of testing and analysis.