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Upcoming education for e-commerce sellers

IMA will once again be participating in the educational sessions at the ASD show in Just/August2018. We are excited to welcome some new speakers and new business members!

All sessions will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in room N245. Here are the descriptions for our upcoming sessions:

Session Start Time Session Title Session Description Speaker(s)
9:00 AM An Introduction to Selling on Amazon Have you been looking to start selling on Amazon.com? Here is a breakdown of exactly how to do it! You’ll learn everything from the basic rules of the platform, what sells well on Amazon, and the benefits of utilizing Amazon’s FBA program to increase conversions. Tyler Nelson and Trish Carey
10:00 AM Amazon Sponsored Products 101 Learn the system process and metrics that you need to implement in order to succeed while using Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. Edward Ruffin
11:00 AM Wholesale 101 Go through two different business models of how to find wholesale vendors at a trade show, as well as how to analyze products to find the most profitable ones. Speakers will cover how to approach vendors, industry vocabulary, and how to overcome the dreaded “Do you sell on Amazon?” question. Robyn Johnson and Eddie Levine
12:00 PM Wholesale and Arbitrage Seller Panel With 45+ years of combined experience, four e-commerce sellers are here to share their knowledge of online selling with you. Our panelists are here to take your questions and talk about their experiences of selling online. As each has unique perspectives and different experiences, this is a great opportunity to learn from those who have sold on various venues such as eBay, Amazon, and other e-commerce sites. Tyler Nelson, Eddie Levine, Robyn Johnson, and Barbara Boschen
2:00 PM Profit First – It’s a Habit, NOT an Event Cash flow is a problem many sellers face. Profit First is a method of cash flow management that works with human behavior. Cyndi has been implementing Profit First with e-commerce sellers for 4 years, helping e-commerce clients set up and understand the difference between Inventory cash flow and Operating cash flow. More importantly, she helps them understand that taking a profit and paying themselves is not optional; it’s a requirement for a healthy business. Cyndi Thomason
3:00 PM eBay and Jet for Amazon Sellers: How to Profitably Diversify Marketplaces Learn more about the eBay and Jet marketplaces and why it is important to diversify in the online marketplace. Barbara Boschen and Kathy Terrill Moderated by Danielle Fritz
9:00 AM
10:00 AM Mining For Riches in the Amazon Data: Proven Private Label Product Selection Tactics to Zig While Others Zag Learn more about using Amazon Data to launch private label products successfully that other people are overlooking. Liran Hirschkorn
11:00 AM Social Commerce: How to Use Social Media to Drive E-commerce Learn how to use social media to help drive sales directly through ads and by cultivating your following. John Lawson
12:00 PM Private Label Panel In this Panel, we will be taking you through some of the tactics that can help keep you ahead of the herd as you produce private label products. Jing Gao, Liran Hirschkorn, Trish Carey, and John Lawson
2:00 PM Advanced Wholesale: Work Trade Shows Effectively and Provide Value to Gain More Suppliers Wholesale in 2018 is nothing like it was in 2012. Brands are looking for partners that they can trust and who can offer them value in exchange for being able to sell their products online. In this presentation, Eddie, President, and co-founder of Wholesale Breakthrough, will be sharing strategies on how to make an impact with the vendors you meet as well as how he prepares for and navigates through the 25+ trade shows he attends every year. Eddie Levine
3:00 PM Prime Without FBA: Understanding Small and Light (SNL) and Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) on Amazon Walk away understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the different channels. You’ll also learn what pieces fit together, and how you can penetrate and remain competitive in a changing Amazon Marketplace. Avraham Eisenberg and Danielle Fritz Moderated by Kathy Terrill
4:00 PM Protect Your Private Label Products and Your Sellers’ Account Private label sellers and all sellers will learn DIY tips for protecting their brands, their products, and their accounts. Selling is your livelihood…protect it. CJ Rosenbaum
10:00 AM Make Your Brand Stand Out in the Amazon Crowd Discover how to make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace, and be well informed when researching, sourcing, and listing new products. Learn how to reach new customers and keep them coming back. We will cover competitive analysis on Amazon, how to maximize your brand to reach a global audience, and how to leverage search trends on multiple marketplaces to discover unique marketing opportunities. George Lawrence
11:00 AM Harnessing The Power of Amazon: Managing Your Brand on Amazon for Manufacturers, Inventors, and Consultants In this session, we will be going over some of the things that you must know as a manufacturer, inventor, and/or brand owner. This includes basic Amazon SEO, PPC Best practices, and some powerful programs you might not know about. We will also cover what brand registry does and does not do for companies. Robyn Johnson
12:00 PM 10 Amazon Tasks To Outsource With Ease Overwhelmed by operating and growing your Amazon store? Want help, but don’t want to break the bank? Nathan Hirsch sold over $25 million on Amazon utilizing Amazon freelancers. Learn how he hired and set up his Amazon freelance army. Nathan Hirsch
2:00 PM The Top 5 Things You Need To Know About eBay For This Year eBay Open was just last week. Learn from one of eBay’s well-known influencers exactly what changes were announced and how they should affect the way you sell on eBay. Jason T. Smith
3:00 PM Using Messenger To Grow Your Amazon Business Discover why you should build a marketing brand (instead of just relying on Amazon marketing), what Facebook Messenger is and what all the buzz is about, the powerful 3-phase approach to building a bot, and how to use Messenger to help you accomplish the 3 R’s: Relevancy, Ranking, and Reviews. Michelle Smith
4:00 PM Creating and Growing an E-commerce Store Strategies and methods to scale your online business. We will go over a survival guide to growing your presence. Alexander Schreck