When a postcard is not just a postcard

If you have never used Vista Print even if just for their FREE items, you should give them a try.  Not only do they have quality products and fast turnaround, they have a vast array of items that can work for advertising your business.

Let’s “think outside the box”…

* Postcards — create an ad on one/both sides and include your web address.   Use them as inserts in place of a business card.

* Invites — create a note to your customer, introducing a new product line, or an upcoming sale.

* Address stamp — use it for stamping ‘Thank You’ or a coupon code.

* Return labels — create a personalized seal (Thank you for your purchase…Old World Limited) and use instead of tape when wrapping purchases in tissue. 

* Return Labels — put your web addy on and use as stickers on your mailing packages.

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