eBay Announces More Stores Exposure

Today eBay announced more exposure for Stores in Search. It’s not the infamous “Stores in Search” but it is definitely better than the small amount of exposure Stores currently receive in search:


Raj Patel
Hi everyone…I’m Raj Patel with the eBay Stores team. As many of our Store sellers know, last November we began testing several new ways to display Store Inventory listings in the expansion area below search results. (As a reminder, this area appears when a search returns 30 or fewer auction-style and fixed price items.) For example, some of our tests included the display of Gallery images for Store Inventory listings when available. We also experimented with different quantities of Store Inventory listings in this area.
The purpose of all these tests was to determine what presentation makes the optimal experience for buyers. Based on our results, I’m pleased to let you know we’ll be making two important changes:

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