eBay Announces New Checkout

eBay announced today a new checkout flow for Paypal payments.  The response from the community has not been positive as it apparently leaves their Paypal account open at the end, among other glitches.  There are also reports of the order showing the shipping for each item, rather than one shipping charge for the entire order.

 You can read the official eBay announcement here.

Reviewing the screenshots posted by Paypal on the Checkout Forum I am happy to see on the checkout page an explanation of what an echeck is, with an estimated clearing date, and a note that it may delay shipping.  However, there have been problems reported with trying to use other funding methods and being automatically moved to an echeck instead.

This is interesting since I have received an unusual number of echecks today.  I wonder if the new checkout has anything to do with it?  Has Paypal found another way to force buyers to use their bank accounts rather than credit cards, thereby saving Paypal money?

Some buyers are unhappy with the new automatic default to Pay Multiple Sellers.  This may delay payment from buyers as they wait for other auctions to end so they can pay all sellers at once.

Other buyers are reporting changing their funding method to credit card and not being able to proceed with payment.

Another change eBay is rolling out full of bugs.

Click here to read the eBay Checkout board and Paypal’s explanation.


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