In the Beginning, ………Starting New Again

One day my curiousity got the better of my common sense. I decided to find out if running only Ebay auctions with low shipping would put me higher in the ebay search, and increase my sales. So I started a brand new Ebay selling account, and tweaked some things.

The new account has core auction listings only. I lowered my shipping from $4.00 to $2.75, and offered free shipping with the purchase of two items. I ship items the day after they are paid for instead of my normal two days a week. Otherwise, the level of communication is the same, and the auction format is the same. In other words, I made sure I was doing everything in the recommended Ebay 5 star way of thinking.

I found out that my placement in search is not better. My Detailed Sellers Ratings (DSRs) are lower on the new selling ID even though I am offering better service and lower shipping. And Ebay needs to work on the tools available to new sellers.

Why isn’t selling manager free! The only way a new seller can send a free automated shipping notification through Ebay is if postage is purchased through Ebay???? It seems pretty clear that selling tools should be free especially if DSRs, and buyer happiness are important. Why not make every selling tool free to new sellers, so they can increase buyer ecstasy?

And what is with the DSR ratings????? They can’t have any validity if the incredible service I am giving combined with super cheap shipping gets 4’s more often than 5’s. What gives?? I have to laugh when significantly lower shipping charges result in a lower DSR rating for shipping and handling charges.

The sell through rate is about 35-40% which is the exact same sell through rate for vintage jewelry on my old selling ID. I have had my new selling ID for a little over a month, and it is very obvious to me that I need to find a new product line that I can sell on Amazon. The new ID keeps the numbers right in my face. I calculated my costs, and found that I am making a whopping $2.50 per hour selling vintage jewelry on my new selling ID. So, unless the profit increases with my feedback, Amazon here I come!

I have to admit though that I got a thrill when I received my first star, and I felt a tingle up my spine when I got the e-mail from Ebay congratulating me for passing 25 feedback rating. So the magic in selling on Ebay for the first time is still there. I estimate that I will be getting a coveted “Meg Whitman” signed bronze powerseller certificate in the next month or so. I think I will have this one framed since it is sure to become a collectible.

Overall, I found this experience to be liberating. I have found out that tweaking the small things like shipping charges, and shipping time make no difference to buyers. And it makes no difference to placement in search. It does however create repeat buyers which has become the key to core auction success on Ebay in my opinion.


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