Advertising – Outside the Box

There are many ways to advertise a website. The traditional ways are to buy Google Adwords, participate in a link exchange, submit your site to all the search engines, etc. These are all good ways to advertise; however, why not think outside the box?

We sell swimsuits. We have been brainstorming ways to get the product to the people. Here are some things we have done recently: We had some bling, bling shirts made advertising the site which we give to our favorite people. We bought some tank tops and had this fantastic gal decorate them with rhinestones. We wear them to events where there are sure to be people who will ask about the site.

We have our model wear selected suits when she goes to the beach. When she is complimented on the suit she hands out our business card. Every time she does this, we get a surge of traffic to our site! We have noticed our in-state sales have increased dramatically. She loves to show off her body (she’s gorgeous), she gets a free suit and we get free traffic! We are also having some inexpensive temporary tattoos made to add to our packages as a free gift with purchase. Everyone loves a free gift and it goes a long with branding. We conduct swim events which we advertise on our website. We conduct these at a hostess’ home. The hostess invites her friends to try on swim suits in the privacy of her home, with a personal shopper on hand to help the guests select attractive swimsuits. We do drawings for free cover ups and basically have a great time! The guests are given discount coupons for future website orders.

There are many ways to advertise a website, outside of the traditional methods! Try some – you may be surprised at the results!


  1. Brenda says

    You certainly have some great ideas that are out of the box! Definitely not the same old-same old marketing tips! I LOVED the article and hope to use some of your tips – I think the home party idea will be my first one to use!

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